TEAching and Managing of learning groups

Title: TEAching and Managing of learning groups
Acronym: TEA.M.
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action: Mobility of learners and staff
Action Type: VET learner and staff mobility
Call: 2014
National Agency: INAPP (ex ISFOL)
Project n. 2014 -1-IT01-KA102-002323
Sending organisations (VET Schools): 18
Staff participant: 80
Country involved: Italy, UK, Malta, Spain, Slovenia
Project Total Duration (Months): 24
Project Start Date: 01/07/2014
Project End Date: 30/06/2016
Applicant oganisation on behalf of the National Mobility Consortium: Lula s.r.l.

Project Summary

The purpose of the project TEA.M. are designed to fill the gap currently existing in the Italian VET school system where the penetration of cooperative learning systems is still very limited. The project TEA.M. will achieve two professional objectives declined in relative sub-objectives:
1) Improve the ability of teachers to teach through active techniques that reject the role of passive/receptive student and to work in teams with colleagues (TEAM TEACHING):
– Ability to develop positive relationships with colleagues
– Ability to promote cooperative behavior
– Problem solving skills by reducing the time of decision-making
– Ability to communicate effectively maintaining a constant level of attention
2) Improving the ability to learn in the classroom (TEAM LEARNING):
– Ability to manage the interpersonal complexity and to oversee the learning group
– Ability to negotiate conflicts
– Ability to identify the subjective needs of students
– Ability to foster the development of an environment that respects and values diversity
Participation in the project will contribute to the learning organizational and language skills by an immersive approach.
The training program is configured on the following types of activities:
– Meetings with teachers to discuss the teaching methods (formal and non-formal) and to promote the exchange of experiences and good practices;
– Active participation in workshops and training courses organized by teachers and experts designed to transmit and share new teaching methods and assessment through project work, role playing, analysis of case studies, brainstorming, cooperative learning in which teachers will be involved directly in the simulation of practical cases that require the resolution of the typical problems of the management of learning groups.
During dissemination, will be realized a webdoc titled TEA.M. In Progress, that is an audiovisual documentary which will be published on the websites of the Applicant Organisation and Sending Partners to facilitate the sharing of results.

Date: luglio 22, 2017